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Five things to consider before choosing a fire pit

Posted by Allen Aguilar on

Five things to consider before choosing a fire pit


1. Patio Lifestyle

Since time immemorial, mankind has treasured the simple yet awesome power of harnessing fire in a lovely fire pit that really anchors the whole patio, providing a focal point around which to gather and discuss the world’s problems.


In any case, a fire pit is a great way to liven up an outdoor space: they look good whether alight with dancing flame or cool and at rest, they provide warmth that makes an outdoor space pleasant when there’s a chill in the air, and some fire pits can even be used for cooking. If you’re wondering how to choose the right fire pit for your home, first consider the most practical factor, which is how you will use it. Is it also to be used for cooking, for cozy intertwining friends and family. Provide a delightful way for drinking and snacks with friends or just to install an atmosphere of peace and tranquility with quiet conversation.  We will consider this in more detail in the following.


2.  Safety and burning regulations

Before lighting any fire in your back yard or in a patio or covered porch please check with your home owners association, city or county for restrictions pertaining to outdoor fire pits, fireplaces or burning wood. Some regions impose fines for violations. In addition to safety and property restrictions, a municipality may have wood-burning or fire pit laws for those tending fires under the age of 18.  This will keep you and your neighbors out of danger.


3.  Fuel type

Fuel type can be wood, LP Gas or Natural Gas. 

If you love the sound of a crackling fire and an aroma that will set a lingering atmosphere, then wood might be the choice for you. Average-sized logs are 24 inches, like those used for indoor fire places, so make sure the pit can accommodate them.


Wood fires can be used for cooking also, roasting marshmallows and more hardy grilling using accessory grill tops


Propane or natural gas pits can be used on open porches with overhead roofs, and are generally neater, with no pile of wood, ashes, smoke or debris with which to contend.  They can provide a casual and intimate atmosphere for conversation with friends and family.


Hooking up a Propane Gas system is no more complex than that of the typical LP Grill system.


Natural Gas usually results in a more preeminent instillation of the fire pit.  When installing a permanent gas connection either, Natural Or LP, always being in a certified gas pipe plumber.  Contact your Gas supplier for assistance.


4.  Wood burning fire bowls

At Patioelegance we have a wide range of sizes and styles of fire pit bowls.  Classic fire bowls, Artisan bowls, blended Classic and Artisan, and full fire Globes.

The Patriot is a basic fire bowl in several sizes ranging from 24 to 42 inches. the 24, 30 and 36 inch Patriot will work with a lid or a cooking grill accessory. 


The liberty is a blended classic round bowel with a variety of artistic bases sized from 24-48 inches. 


The artisan models include Chalice, Stellar, Lunar and Fire Flower.  these are artisan made by hand, round bowels but with artistic shaped sides.


the fire globes come in two varieties sized from 30, 37 and 41 inches,  each is styled with Oriental characters, one signifying Liv, Laugh, Love and one signifying Peace, Happiness, and Tranquility.


All of our fire bowls are 100% American made, free shipping and lifetime warranty by the manufacture.


5.  Propane or Natural Gas

Gas fire pits come in a variety of shapes anodizes.  Some have a table top and some do not.  While all gas pits use some kind of diffuser for the flames, you can use natural lava rock, however, colored fire glass will give you a clean odorless and romantic display of the flames.


  1. Gas fire pits

Our wine barrel replicas do not have a table top.  They can set an atmosphere for entertaining while providing warmth on cool evenings.  You can enjoy the clean-burning orderless dancing flames while entertaining in your back yard or patio.


b.  Fire tables

Fire tables come in several heights, Cocktail height, Chat Height, or Dining height. Cocktail height is low similar to a living room cocktail table.  The Dining height is comfortable as a dining table using conventional chairs.

PatioElegance has one conversion ring to convert one of the smaller wine barrels into a dining table.

Most all of the fire tables art PatioElegance are Chant height, The come in Round, Square or Rectangular and the medium height suitable form sitting around with drinks and snacks while engaging in conversation. We have a variety of sizes to fit any patio or outdoor situation.


c.  Fire Glass

Fire Glass is used in these Gas Fire Tables to give them enhanced the dazzling dancing flame effect.  Fire glass burns clean and pollution free and odorless. It creates an instant ambiance and romance with its beautiful colors and radiance. Made of tempered glass, it never loses its color or shape to heat exposure. It is affordable and lasts a life time.


The Glass comes in two sizes, 1/4/ inch and larger 1/2 inch size.  The 1/4 inch can be used with Natural gas systems, however LP systems should use the 1/2 inch size,  that will allow air flow necessary for the burn-mixture as the Propane is expanding into the burn tube


We, at PatioElegance, hope this small greatest is helpful in our endeavor to enhance hours patio life style.

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